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Space Mercenary
recommended on FDM
13 Agosto 2019 - by GiP

Space Mercenary reviewed by Idealsoft
January 18, 2010 - by GiP
A Space Mercenary review was published by Idealsoft Blog .
This interesting and updated blog is especially dedicated to freeware and indy games. Keep an eye on it!
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Space Mercenary 1.1.1 released
May 29, 2006 - by GiP
The new Space Mercenary version 1.1.1 is available here.
New features added:
- a new ship is available in the Space Shop
- mouse and joystick support
- your current score is now recorded even if you were not able to complete the mission

New ship Modified ship

Space Mercenary
April 7, 2006 - by Darkstar
Space Mercenary 1.0.32 released (freeware videogame for Windows PC). You can download it here.

Habemus dominium!
April 7, 2006 - by Darkstar
We are finally online!
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